About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce the Overseas for International Trade and Marine Services Co. LLC, located in Cairo – Egypt, established in 2008, as one of the leading producing and exporting company in Egypt.

We specialize in exporting fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, frozen vegetables & fruits, foodstuff, grains, herbs, seeds and nuts, textile, fertilizers and products of chemical industries & mining.

Since its establishment the company has achieved goals of expanding its export to many countries in Europe in compliance with high international standards. Our management has coordinated its efforts in all sections to complete an integrated system of fast order completion and shipping.

Moreover, our fully and professionally equipped shops ensure best quality of our products, precisely matching highest standards. Production safety is never compromised.

The Overseas for International Trade and Marine Services Co. owns a packing house located in Albohira governorate, using a highest technology in selection of packing materials.

As the company understands the importance of fast shipping, we have established International Transportation Section to meet our needs and our client's satisfaction.

The Import Department is professional in the import procedures of all import demands in Egyptian market & according to requirements of international market. For this goal, the company has set up its branches in China, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Europe and African countries. 

Our Mission
is to provide effective services and solutions to the products by processing and marketing high quality produce. We consistently deliver on this promise because we are passionate to operational excellence and dedicated to the business portfolio and the people to maintain and strengthen our position both in the local and international market.
Our Vision

is to improve the quality of products and health of people all over the world by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in our system, product range and brands. All our activities are focused on fulfilling this vision, and by pursuing it we want to become one of the world's leading value added suppliers of vegetables, fruits, frozen commodities … and the preferred partner for our customer and suppliers.